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What To Know About The Format And Purpose Of A Dissertation Appendix?

Appendices refer to the ones that are listed in the table of contents. They provide additional data to the main dissertation and must often appear after the bibliography or references. Please take note that if you are uncertain whether the content must be included in the scholarly thesis or in appendices, it is advised to consult your advisor.

Essentially, the appendices and thesis must be uploaded in only one file. Only valuable documents which back up the content of the text should be supplemented on the thesis. It is also fundamental to refer each appendix in the body of the text.

When it comes to format, if you have content from other documents which you would prefer to include as appendices, you may consider transferring the text and then re-structure it using the template styles as required. Alternatively, you may just modify the documents into images and then embed them into the document; that should be a single image per page.

On the other hand, you may consult the theses office if needed and from there you can figure out which approach would be best suited to your content. Always remember that text transformed into images cannot be copied, pasted or searched and might not be as understandable to read as converted text. Be that as it may, at times, content cannot be easily outlined for a Word document. Converting to an image is another good option as long as the content is comprehensible.

What are the parts go into a dissertation?

Appendices typically comprise of research related material which do not suit appropriately or easily in the body of the composition:

  1. Questionnaires or surveys
  2. supplemental images, figures, tables or graphs
  3. observation sheets
  4. participant forms or letters
  5. interview questions or transcripts
  6. other extra information which supplements helpful insight or information but is not quite significant to the understanding of the scholarly thesis

Please be guided that appendices are placed as the final part of the thesis, these are titled and numbered and utilize diverse page numbering system. If you prefer to include additional material in your submission, it is essential to include appendices within your thesis document. This consists of a general depiction of the topic, file name and credits. For sure, this will greatly aid in associating your document to any extra supplementary material and will be able to provide additional context and data regarding the file.

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