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The Most Effective APA Dissertation Writing Guidelines

The American Psychological Association has developed a set of writing guidelines that relate to how they want their papers formatted. It is an effective way to ensure that all of the student’s papers look the same so that the teacher can grade the papers on their content and not there formatting. Here are the most effective APA dissertation writing guidelines.

Your dissertation is likely the most difficult paper that you will have to write to date. It is designed to transform you from student to scholar. When you have gotten to this point in the process, it is likely the last huge assignment that you will have to accomplish before you graduate with your degree.

  1. Obtaining an example
  2. The best way to learn how to write a paper using these guidelines is to get an example. It can help you understand the information and allow you to master the art of creating an effective paper using the APA dissertation writing guidelines. Make sure that you choose a reliable source because it will ensure that you are not choosing to follow an incorrect example.

  3. Formatting your paper
  4. The main focus of the APA dissertation writing guidelines is to show you how to format your paper. Here are some of the most important details for creating a paper in this format.

    • Use a standard sheet of paper with one inch margins on all sides
    • There should be an indent of half an inch before each paragraph.
    • The paper should be written in Times New Roman font and 12 point font size.
    • The paper should be double spaced except when quoting a long source.
    • The paper should include a title page. The title page will include the name of the article, your name, your school, your class, your instructor’s name, and the date of publication. It should be centered completely in the middle of the title page and the actual piece should start on the top of the second page.
    • The paper should include a heading with the title flush left and the page number flush right.

  5. Citing your sources
  6. It is best to refer to the actual APA formatting guidelines for information on how to cite individual sources. The guidelines are different for each type of source and you should find out what type of source you are using and refer to the guide. Also, most resource libraries will give you the citation in the proper format so you should always look for that first.

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