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Tossing around ideas for thesis topics

If you are looking for some thesis topic ideas take a moment to review the options below and see if anything strikes you or motivates you:

When you actually have your thesis topic in mind you should get it approved by the professor or advisor. This is important because the thesis will only get you so far if it is too broad or too narrow. Getting it approved before you start working will ensure that you do not have this problem and that your research will be sound.

When you start writing there are a few things you should do to make sure the process goes smoothly:

  1. Set a goal when you write a long term project to do a little bit each day. Writing five hundred words per day is best. Setting an easier target, such as five hundred words per day, will alleviate a great deal of pressure and save you a lot of time in the long run.

  2. As you begin working, establish miniature deadlines for every chapter or section. At this point you will have a vague idea of what your chapter titles will be, so set a deadline for each chapter title. This deadline should be the “complete by” deadline. They have to be tight deadlines too. If not, you will always find a reason to “start it tomorrow”. The average should be two weeks per chapter.

  3. The dates you set for each chapter should be agreed upon with your advisor or supervisor so they know when they can expect each section to review.

  4. Also, it is important to set a meeting during which time you review the new chapter with your supervisor or advisor. For example: if you submit a chapter to your advisor on Friday, make arrangements for a meeting on the following Wednesday to discuss it.

Doing all of this will ensure the writing process is done quickly and efficiently.

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