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Dissertation Research Tools: 5 Tricks That Can Make The Task Easier

If you are conducting research work, you need to gather a lot many primary as well as secondary sources. Primary source which is an original document and secondary source is the writing based on the secondary source. Without them your study process cannot be completed. These are termed as dissertation research tools that facilitate your writing process.

  1. Refer journal articles, the proceedings of conferences and other forms of literatures that are related with your subject and the topic. These will present original pieces of research work. If you can have a look at the previews, ideas and findings of previous researchers you can learn many real facts regarding the writing. Apart from that you can also have a look the publicly available work that are yet not published but can be watched by general audience. The extensive bibliographies also provide you due assistance offering insight regarding format to be followed.

  2. Check out online library database: Libraries have good access to online dissertation database. Some libraries work on partnership basis to improve global access in respect of thesis. They have as much as 2 million titles, out of which around 930,000 are available for free download in PDF format. The dissertations that cannot be available freely can be requested after paying some charge. You can check out previous work of any specific person for meeting your biographical or historical purposes.

  3. Check out the database of published dissertations: Retrieve them by writing the title of dissertation (the name of doctoral dissertation), name of the database, its accession or order number. Do not forget to mention the year of publishing. In case you have carried the research via government institution, you need to extract the data by stating the name of your institution.

  4. Google Scholar: Though this tool does not explicitly show the desired thesis but assist you to retrieve items that cites dissertation. However, if you have all the details available with you, you can view primary study sources. Remember, not all the articles are research articles and some are book reviews while others are secondary sources.

  5. Extract the dissertations via subject specific indexing: Filter your dissertation via document type and subject specific sources. Engineering, Psychology, Economic literature, Modern and Contemporary Art, Sociology abstracts, Sports with full text etc. Have a look at the printed dissertation indexes and the associated bibliographies focusing on specific historical eras, based on topics and geographical regions.

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