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Why the conclusion of dissertation is so important

Introductions and conclusions are often the most challenging parts of a dissertation paper. The introduction is your first chance to make a good impression on your reader and the conclusion is the last chance you have to end on a good note. This is why the conclusion is so important to your paper. The conclusion allows you a chance to restate your points, and give the reader something to think about or to take action on after reading your dissertation. End on a positive note by avoiding these four weak conclusion methods that many students end up using that will only weaken your paper rather than strengthen it.

  1. The “Repeat and Repeat” Conclusion. This conclusion is not very strong or creative and just gives the thesis statement again. Also this type of conclusion is usually far too short. A conclusion needs to be at least several sentences long and needs to address each of the main points you addressed in the body of your paper. This weak conclusion does not do this and does not really add anything to the dissertation.
  2. The “Sherlock Holmes” Conclusion. This conclusion is used by students who think that they should save their thesis statement for the conclusion. They think of their paper like a mystery story where things are revealed at the very end in order to wow the reader. However, this is not how a dissertation is structured and it is not what the reader is expecting. By making them wait till the end of your paper they will likely get confused and frustrated before they reach the end of the paper.
  3. The “Emotional Plea” Conclusion. This kind of conclusion relies on a strong feeling and emotion to make a point. Calling for overly patriotic action, loving actions, or implying guilt in order to motivate the reader to do something is a weak way to end the paper. A more sophisticated approach that asks the reader to do something or change their way of thinking based off facts and data, instead of pure emotions, would be a better way to end the topic.
  4. The “Grab Bag” Conclusion. This kind of conclusion is used by students who struggle to include enough sources and information in their paper. Rather than trying to incorporate a quote, data, or new information in the body of the paper, they just throw it into the conclusion. As a general rule, no new information should be included in the conclusion. Simply revisit the main points you made in the paper and then end with your call to action.

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