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5 tips that will help you create an A+ PhD thesis

So you are about to write a PhD thesis. Good luck and you're going to need it. But there are tips, there is practical advice which is sensible and certainly tried and tested which is freely available. Why would you not consider these steps? Why would you not put into practice this highly recommended information?

Here are five tips to help you create a top rating PhD thesis

A PhD thesis is such a major undertaking, choosing the right topic is more than important. Think positively of this situation. When you choose the right topic your research falls into place, your attitude is positive and your work snowballs going from good to better the best. You don't want to contemplate the consequences of choosing the wrong topic. Take your time, talk it over in depth with your supervisor and come up with the right topic.

As Sherlock Holmes said you can't make bricks without clay. Likewise you can't write a brilliant PhD thesis without the right research. It needs to be plentiful and it needs to be relevant.

You must have a timetable and you must stick to it. If you plan to take a year or two years or whatever to complete your PhD thesis, draw up a timetable. Put in milestones. You will complete this activity by such and such a date. You will complete another activity by another date. Be specific. Then, as the weeks and months go by, it can show exactly where you are as far as progress is concerned. This is really important that you have goals and that you are able to tick boxes once each particular goal is achieved.

Get regular feedback. Of course it's preferable that you hear from people who know about the subject or know about writing a PhD but any type of feedback can be helpful. Don't work in isolation. Listen to what others say about what you have produced.

Just as you need to become brilliant at research and writing, you also need to be up a top notch proofreader. This not only involves finding spelling and grammatical errors but also removing repetition, flowery language and vague writing. Follow these tips and look forward to creating a top quality thesis.

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