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Finding a topic for your thesis is a big decision. Once you’ve chosen, you shouldn’t change it because you’ll have wasted the time you already spent researching and writing. That’s why it’s so important to choose a good topic at the beginning. You need to focus on what your passion is for your program and find a topic with that in mind. It’s impossible to give a list of possible topics for every program, but here are a few that can get you started. Even if you aren’t a physics, education or finance major, these ideas can help you think outside the box and become inspired within your own field of study.

Don’t stress too much over your topic; you’ll find the right one when you find it. That being said, if you have a couple good ideas that you can’t choose between then don’t take too long choosing. It’s a better problem to have too many interesting ideas than no ideas at all. Even if it isn’t your first choice, a topic that you like doesn’t have to be the one you like the most.

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