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Where To Find Good Sample Questionnaire Templates For A Dissertation

The collection of data can involve several different types of tools. From interviews to surveys you may find yourself finding the information you need in a myriad of ways. For a dissertation, completing a questionnaire can enable you to get a wide range of information from several people in perhaps the most efficient way possible. This is because:

Questions can be closed

This means respondents answer yes or no or some other fixed response rather than being allowed to write whatever comes to mind. This narrows down responses although it can also be seen to limit the types of information that can be collected.

They are easy to reproduce

You may need to collect data from thousands of people. In such a case, if you attempt to do this on your own, you will end up wasting time that could be allocated to other things such as analysis. If you have a fixed questionnaire, anyone can administer it for you and you can even put it online for respondents to submit on their own.

They are easy to create

This is possibly a result of so many having been created in the past which makes it simple to find and use templates.

Templates can be sourced in any of the following places:

Good text books on data collection

A well put together text book should explain how data is collected and have a section with several sample instruments. Though not designed specifically as templates, they can quite easily be used as such. In the event that any minor changes to the structure need to be made you can lean on your knowledge base to do so confidently.

Teachers and colleagues

If you are familiar with anyone who has taught or regularly engages in research you can request a good instrument from them. They may have one on hand or be able to send you a link to a website where one can be downloaded and used with ease.

The internet

Searching for a template online may take some time. The search engine may spit out several results in an instant but sorting the good from the bad takes much longer. It also requires a level of patience that many students lack. Still, it is one of the most reliably available sources.

Through the use of these sources you will find yourself in possession of the tools you need to craft the survey instrument you need.

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