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How to Write a Dissertation Abstract: Simple Rules to be Followed

For example, if your dissertation is a book length study, perhaps, of a study of childhood obesity in teens and what we can do to resolve this dilemma through a major study over years with research and findings, three of your major research questions might be

  1. Does the advent of video gaming systems such as the Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox contribute to increasing childhood obesity rates in the United States?
  2. How much do eating habits contribute to this problem and what kind of eating issues are at fault here?
  3. How much is a lack of exercise to blame and what is going on in terms of physical activity, the lack of it, and why are children becoming less active? Is it the rise of crime? Again, video games, or gym in schools?

Remember—you do not retell the entire scope of your project—what you want to do here is capture the essence of what you discovered through your study—no blow by blow account of what happened. Remember, 350 words on a page single spaced is around 3/4ths of a page.

Discovery and what you learned from this in depth study is what an abstract will be.

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