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How to Make the Process of PhD Dissertation Writing Interesting

Anyone who has undertaken a PhD dissertation will tell you that the task can be daunting. In the academic world this is basically the pinnacle of your career. It’s a paper you will write which can take months if not years to complete. It is something which will give you a title. The actual dissertation could be published and certainly could be reviewed by professionals in the area of the topic of your PhD dissertation. In other words, this is a major undertaking.

But when it comes down to it, a PhD dissertation is in many ways just like any old essay, even ones which have a maximum limit of 1500 words. Obviously the dissertation is far greater in scope and size but the principles remain.

And it is this final question which is the basis of this particular article. Mind you if you fulfil the answers to the first three questions above, chances are you will in fact have written a PhD dissertation which is interesting. But what makes your writing interesting?

The simple answer to that is to think of a good play, a good film or a good book. What keeps you interested in reading or watching that particular item? Good writing obviously. A good structure and attention to detail are vital ingredients. Something that is well researched and every point made is clearly substantiated. And then there’s the actual flow of your writing. You must avoid repetition. You must remove all spelling and grammatical errors. You must build the intensity of the points you are making.

And the actual structure of your writing can get in the way of it being interesting. If you have to follow particular format and you ignore the rules, no matter how interesting your writing might be, it will lose some of its appeal because you fail to stick to the requirements.

And have you come up with some original thinking? Have you found a new approach to the topic you are writing about? Regurgitating material which already exists does not help your writing become interesting. Finding something unique about the topic gives your writing a real edge. By following all the basics of sound essay writing and then applying them to a really large essay in the form of a PhD dissertation, you give yourself the very best of chances to make your writing interesting.

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