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How To Work On A Dissertation: A List Of Creative Prompts

Writing a dissertation is hard work and sometimes you might get stuck and don’t know what to write.  Some writers find that is helps with the writing process if they use writing prompts to get out of that funk.  This can be extremely helpful if you are having troubles writing your dissertation.  It clears your mind and gives you something else to work on for a while.  Writing prompts aren’t meant to be long essays but a few hundred words on a topic that you know or something that you do a little bit of research on.

When you are picking your writing prompts you want pick one that is argumentative.  Since your dissertation is on the research and argument of your topic, you want the writing prompts to be about the same.  Start with a subject that has a compelling argument, it can be as simple as if Coke or Pepsi is better.  Take your writing prompt and write a good argumentative essay on the subject.  I know this sounds like more work that you have to do but when you are stuck writing your dissertation, you don’t want to completely stop working on it but you can help yourself still be creative with a writing prompt.

Creative Writing Prompts

This list should be a good start for using writing prompts for your dissertation.  If you don’t like these writing prompts, you can go online and search for others.  Another way to find writing prompts is to search on social media for them, using the hashtag writing prompt will give your more creative writing prompts to work with.  I know this might sound like a waste of time but you would be amazed at how much it will help you write your dissertation.

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