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Dissertation Topics In Finance: A List Of Unique Ideas

It can be tricky coming up with topic ideas, especially in the area of finance. Some topics are just too broad to cover adequately and others may get so deep into detail it’s difficult to find sufficient research sources. The following list of ideas is meant to give you some inspiration for developing your own unique and interesting topic for your dissertation paper.

  1. The global banking industry is a major player in the finance world. Banks provide loans, exchange money and pay interest in a complex global economy. What are some of the controversies surrounding this industry and how things are handled? What changes should be made and why? How would they be implemented?
  2. International commerce is closely tied with international business. There are some interesting and unusual situations that can arise in the process of international money-making. What ramifications are there? There are some unusual and unique angles to explore.
  3. Micro-financing using microloans can make phenomenal impact on the lives of individuals in developing countries. This has become a very popular practice. What are the pros and cons for both the lenders and borrowers? Why has this practice gained such popularity and what direction do you see it taking in future years? How is it connected to the global economy?
  4. Consider conducting a study on the Federal Reserve Board. How is the country’s money valued and managed? What needs to be changed in order to survive in today’s world? What are the implications of this organization and the way it’s managed in relation to world affairs in finance?
  5. Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) are considered to be the toxic cause of the credit crunch. Many believe they pave the way to cheap debt. Is there a future for this product? Why or why not?
  6. Study how lines of credit and corporate finance are connected in today’s global market. What are some viable liquidity options for organisations? Should they use bank-based lines of credit or operate on a cash basis?
  7. Is the use of standard deviation a viable indicator of risk when it comes to investing? There are a number of analytical tools used within the investment field and historically, standard deviation has been the main factor to correlate the inherent risk in volatility of investments. Should secondary sources be used or should the entire procedure undergo some revamping?

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