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Thesis Writing Help: How To Make Your Work Original

Writing a college or graduate-level thesis is a difficult task that can take you several months to complete. Often times, students seek some writing help from one of the many professional writing businesses found online. While it’s okay to purchase a paper to use as a sample or receive some help on writing your own, you don’t want to risk being accused of plagiarism by providing work that isn’t yours. This is why it’s important to do all you can to make any thesis you have received help on a work that you can defend as your own. Here’s how to make your work original:

Double Check All Sources

When you receive thesis writing help by way of a written sample you will have a number of sources that were used in writing your purchased paper. It’s extremely important that you check these sources just as they will likely be checked by your professor. Sources should be up to date and accurate in their citation. If possible try reading the original source to ensure that information isn’t copied incorrectly. Doing so will save you the headache of having to explain how you made mistakes when you used others’ words or ideas.

Rewrite Each Sentence

If you have time to do so, it’s a really good idea to rewrite your purchased thesis in its entirety. This will ensure that the words you submit to your professor are your own and won’t show up online or in some database handed in by another student who has also gained access to that same purchased paper. It’s a good idea, also, to redevelop some of the ideas expressed in your purchased assignment since this too is considered plagiarism and can get you into quite a bit of trouble.

Compare Your Paper with Previous Writing

When rewriting your thesis you should compare your writing with that of previous assignments. The practice ensures that your writing doesn’t take an uncharacteristic change in directions when it comes to tone, style or word choice. These are all things that can raise red flags in the mind of your professor. So be sure your paper resembles your writing style as closely as possible.

Have a Friend Read It

The last thing we suggest to making your work your own is to have a friend review your writing. A set of fresh and independent eyes will be able to catch more of the small inconsistencies you may have overlooked. Your friend will also be able to respond to your work in terms of logic and organization, which should be of great help in making your email stand out.

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