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Where To Find A Dissertation Abstract Example In Sociology

The process of dissertation writing is so much more than most students ever imagined. Along with the actual paper, students have to write a massive bibliography, conduct research like they never have before, and create several smaller sections. One of the difficult sections to create is the abstract. It is a highly specific section that must meet the standards established by the formatting organization. Fortunately, there are examples available in all different subjects, even sociology. Here are several places you can turn to find a sociology dissertation abstract to use as an example:

  1. Online writing labs. Your college should have a website that all students can use to help themselves with writing projects of all lengths and styles. They should have plenty of examples from different curricular areas, too. If your school does not have a sample about sociology, another school should. You might even be better off finding one about a different topic so you can use the copy as a template and not be tempted to copy any words from it.
  2. College dissertation databases. Every school that requires students to write graduate level papers will have a database full of them. This means that you should be able to find several copies of well-written, highly edited papers about sociology. If you decide to use any of the information from the papers you find, you should be sure to document the sources so you are not accused of plagiarism.
  3. Government websites. Sociology is a subject area that is important to government agencies because they like to understand the trends of the people within their boundaries. Because of this, sociologist will conduct research and share their findings. The government agencies that support them will publish their papers online. They become fair game for anyone who is conducting research in sociology. Again, record the sources if you use anything you find in your own paper.
  4. Conduct a simple search. If these sites do not help, you can simply conduct a search on your favorite search engine. There are plenty of people who have written papers and love to share them with everyone online. With a basic search, you might not find the best abstract, but you will find several of them. Compare them to the samples that MLA or APA provides so you can see if it follows the prescribed format. Then, write your own.

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