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Composing A Dissertation Thesis Statement: Where To Get A Template

To create the best thesis statement, students should read through a number of different examples. The thesis is intended to help organize and demonstrate an argument. In essence, the thesis guides the reader to the argument. It tests the quality of the student's ideas by placing them in just one or two sentences. In dissertations, the thesis is one of the most important parts. To get a good score on the paper, students must be able to demonstrate a strong, arguable thesis.

Make a Stand

The best thesis statements will make a stand. This means that the reader could agree or disagree with the statement. Students should avoid wishy-washy theses and confusing prose. For example, “There are some drawbacks and benefits of weight loss products” is a boring thesis. It does not make a stand on the topic and tells the reader something that they could alone. Instead, “Weight loss products cause high blood pressure and long-term medical problems for the user” is a better thesis statement. In the second option, the student takes a stand and supports a specific, arguable idea.

Be Specific

One of the main problems that professors see is an overly general thesis statement. Unless the student wants to write an encyclopedia, they need to focus on a narrow topic. The thesis must be thoroughly and completely addressed within the dissertation. If the focus is too broad, it is impossible for the student to adequately address the topic. Students should pick a specific idea and focus on it in their paper. Outside ideas and tangents should be ignored. The focus of the paper is the thesis, so only this idea should be explored during the writing.

Check Academic Journals

Some of the best dissertations and essays are published in academic journals. Since these journals are often in the campus library, students can access some of the word's best dissertations for free. Once the student has found a journal on their topic, they should copy out the best thesis papers. Afterward, the student should highlight the thesis sentence of the paper and the topic sentence of each paragraph. This allows the student to clearly see how to writer developed their ideas about the topic.

Look Online

For additional help, students can always check academic websites. Universities will often post the best essays on their website. These papers are recent, relevant and thoroughly edited. By using these examples, students can quickly learn how to write a high-quality thesis statement.

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