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The Right Way to Use Thesis Editing Services

There’s a right and a wrong way to do things; there’s a right and wrong way to drive, cook, exercise and even a right and wrong way to use thesis editing services. If you’re contemplating hiring a professional editing service to proofread your thesis, make sure you keep these handy tips in mind:

Specify which style you need. There are a dozen different styles of academic writing out there – APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver and more. It’s absolutely essential that you choose an editing service that handles the particular style you need. If you send off an APA style paper to an editing service that only deals with Chicago style, the editors could end up missing glaring citation errors or making corrections that don’t fit with your required style.

Don’t leave your editing to the last minute. This really cannot be said often enough – start your paper early, and get it done in a timely fashion. First drafts are often referred to as ‘rough drafts’, because that’s exactly what they are – rough. Your thesis is almost guaranteed to contain errors and instances of poor wording after the first draft has been completed; editing is not optional if you want to produce a high quality thesis. It’s important to remember that thesis editing services aren’t instant. Your thesis will be edited by a human being who needs to be given enough time to do a thorough job and return it to you. Cost is an added incentive here; the price of editing services is dependent on the deadline. Putting in a rush order on a thesis you left way too late is not going to be cheap.

Don’t make them re-write your paper. What separates thesis editing services from the more dubious thesis writing services is that thesis editing services still require you to use your own words. A thesis that was outright purchased online is the intellectual property of the stranger who wrote it, while all of the words and ideas in a thesis paper submitted for editing are yours and yours alone. In order to keep that distinction between the two, it’s extremely important that you don’t expect editing services to re-write large chunks of your paper. An editing service is there to correct outright errors of mechanics and make suggestions for improvements on things that don’t quite sound right. Having a paid editor replace large parts of your work with their own rewrites is an act of academic dishonesty equivalent to submitting someone else’s work as your own.

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