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Composing A US Law Dissertation: Advice From An Experienced Writer

Writing your legal dissertation whether, it is for law review or an advanced writing class, is an exciting and challenging opportunity. While writing the article may be challenging, the potential reward is great. For once you have finished, your article may be published in your schools journals, or you may submit your article to one of the plethoras of legal writing competitions held each year. Moreover, you will likely find when you are interviewing that firms will ask whether you have written a legal article.

3 Practical Tips for Composing your US Law Dissertation

  1. Pre-gaming– Abstract research. Composing your law dissertation cannot be rushed, and while you likely have at least one semester to write your paper, it is not something you can procrastinate on. The key to composing your dissertation is to do your legal research beforehand. First, use this company for your online research. You will find that it is tailored to the legal profession and will allow you to search previously published articles on your thesis. The more academic articles you read before you start writing, the more refined your thesis will be in your abstract and beyond.

  2. The Wild Rough Outline. After your professor has approved your thesis statement, the key to success is to begin a rough outline. Build your outline by laying out the different components of your analysis and argument. Unlike a normal outline, you should add the sources that will support those points and any interesting turns of sentences you think of during this time. The secret is that by putting in your research now, you are creating your first rough draft simultaneously. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and allow you to spend with your citations and footnotes.

  3. A rough and tumble draft. You will likely have noticed during your outlining that certain areas of your paper need more development. This is normal, and as you officially start the outline, you can do additional research. This will allow you to delve deeper into your subject and see if there have been any recent developments or research. It is essential that while outlining you properly cite your sources. Do not skip page citations now because if you do, inevitably you will reach the end of your assignment and have to find hundreds of pinpoint citations. That is no fun.

If you follow these practical tips to compose your legal dissertation and use your research, your paper will go smoothly. While a legal dissertation is not easy, these tips will allow you to work efficiently and stay one step ahead of your classmates.

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