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Enriching your stock: urban planning thesis topics

When you are writing a thesis the most important part is the actual thesis statement. Why is this the most important part? Because it is the thesis statement that sets the tone for the entire paper. It is the thesis statement that you will spend your paper addressing. It is the thesis that paves the way for your research. So what are some topics that best suite this field? What are some examples of urban planning topics? Consider the examples below:

Look over these topics to see if anything inspires you or if you might find any particular angle in any of the examples. They are meant to guide you and should not limit you in your consideration for a thesis statement.

Once you have decided on your topic you need to craft a thesis statement. The thesis statement shows the reader what problem or question you will address or answer. Once you have this you will need to do your research. For a lengthy project like this is it best to give yourself adequate time to research. You should set aside at least a few months for research and review. As you find viable resources be sure to copy the bibliographic information; this will save you time later. Keep all of the bibliographic information on a separate document. As you read through the research and find viable quotes or stats use note cards to write down your notes and also note somewhere you will find it the page number and the citation. This will make your outline and writing process exponentially easier.

If you do end up using note cards you will find that crafting your outline is much simpler. While kids today love having everything electronically having a tangible note card will help your brain. Not only do you learn by writing the note cards but you can literally shuffle them as you see fit to best present your research. Once you have them in the right order that is your outline.

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