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10 Ideas For Dissertation Topics In Psychology That Will Get You Inspired

Many students agree that choosing a good dissertation topic seems more challenging than the writing and research process. You can ask your supervisor to share a list of potential topics, visit the university library, and find papers written by former students. You can also read a dissertation writing manual with examples of research questions and ideas, or search for ideas on the Web. The latter option is the fastest way to get dozens of different topics to consider. The following ten ideas for your research in psychology were selected to get you inspired:

  1. Write about a particular issue in psychology.
  2. It is always interesting to analyze the issues such as involvement of psychologists in military interrogations or the importance of psychological help in high schools.

  3. Create a profile of a famous psychologist.
  4. You can write about many famous individuals in your assignment. A typical profile should include the key dates of his or her life, their most interesting theories and ideas, and a career path.

  5. Describe a classical experiment.
  6. There are many well-known psychological experiments that you can analyze. Some famous examples might include the Stanford prison experiment, bystander effect, monster study, and Milgram experiment.

  7. Explain what psychopathologies and abnormal behavior are.
  8. This study area includes a wide range of disorders, such as depression, phobias, eating disorders, schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder, and more.

  9. Evaluate the effectiveness of different psychological therapies.
  10. Since there are many diseases that psychology deals with, you can discover what therapies are often used. For instance, you can create a profile of group therapy, psychoanalysis, or cognitive behavioral therapy.

  11. Study how people think, learn, and remember things.
  12. Cognitive psychology studies mental processes. It’s closely related to philosophy, neuroscience, and linguistics. You can write about why people dream, how individuals can boost their attention, what techniques they use in order to learn foreign languages faster, and how students improve problem-solving skills.

  13. Compare parenting styles.
  14. Parenting styles are different in every community. You can find the relationship between a particular parenting style and childhood psychological disorders.

  15. Consider social psychology topics.
  16. If you are interested in learning more about social attitudes, violence, or group behavior; you should look at specific subjects of social psychology.

  17. Prepare a paper about human emotions.
  18. Without a doubt, emotions significantly influence human behavior. Love, hate, anger, fear, and other emotions are interesting to study in order to learn how to manage them.

  19. Find out how to become a leader.
  20. You can examine the concept of leadership, write about famous leaders, and prepare a list of characteristics that any leader should possess.

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