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Step-By-Step Tutorial On Writing A Conclusion For A Dissertation On Fire-Fighting

A conclusion section of any dissertation requires keen attention while preparing because it clearly shows how deeply and effectively the collected data was analyzed. As far as fire-fighting is among the most important issues of social safety, you may need to research the relevant literature and statistics on the subject, as well as consult with some highly qualified professionals working directly in this field. This will help you make your final summary and recommendations more useful.

How to Compose an Effective Dissertation Conclusion

Conclusion part or your research is the best one to put your personal insights and thoughts on the topic. To write it successfully without missing any necessary information, it’s better to make this work gradually, step by step:

  1. Briefly describe the main findings, strengths and ideas of your survey. Filter all the unnecessary details and concentrate on the key points. This starting paragraph shouldn’t be long.
  2. Present the conclusions derived from data analysis. Highlight the importance of them for your readers.
  3. Outline the ways of developing your topic. Suggest some topics for the further research.
  4. Give reasonable practical recommendations. It’s an important part of your dissertation. If you have an opportunity, ask a professional, occupied in the field of fire-fighting, to evaluate the accuracy and relevance of your recommendations.
  5. Summarize the key ideas of your work. It must leave a strong impression of a thoroughly performed and practically useful research.
  6. Read the whole dissertation together. The conclusion should be linked with the entire paper logically, match it in style and contents.
  7. Revise your writing after a while. Again, if it is possible to ask an expert involved in fire safety activities to take a look through your paper, he or she may point out some semantic mistakes that escaped your attention.

More Useful Tips to Consider

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